Are Your Roofing Shingles Discontinued? He...
Rivendell residents, most of you have discontinued shingles that cannot be repaired. This means if your roof needs repairs, new shingles will have to be used and not match in color or your whole roof will need to be r... Click for more
Hail Damage Can Come Back To Haunt You
If your home was hit by severe weather this winter, who knows what might be lurking up on your roof? Blisters, punctures, curling or missing shingles… if left unrepaired the damage might come back to haunt you. If y... Click for more
Is Your Roof Halloween-Ready or Just Scary?
The scariest time of year is right around the corner. Halloween is a moment of tricks and treats, but what about your roof? If your roof is playing tricks on you with leaks or missing shingles, then let us treat you t... Click for more
5 Reasons To Get Roof Leaks Fixed ASAP
We know that home maintenance tasks are not the most exciting way to spruce up your home, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored!  A roof leak is a good example of something homeowners should fix immediately ... Click for more
A New Roof Could Cost You Nothing (In The ...
Homeowners usually undergo home improvement projects with the expectation of upgrading their current space into something they have always wanted. Although homeowners sometimes expect that this upgrade will significan... Click for more
5 Ways A New Roof Can Save You Money
Like all major home improvement projects, homeowners should look at a new roof as an investment. Your roof protects you and your family from inclement weather, so it is very important to have a sound roof. A new roof,... Click for more
Home Maintenance Projects To Finish Before...
For many, Labor Day signifies the end of what feels like summer. While fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd, the feeling off summer (and warm temperatures) starts to disappear after the holiday. Get a ... Click for more
How Long After A Hail Storm Can You File A...
If your home was hit by hail and you still have not had a professional roof inspection, don’t worry. Most insurance companies allow you up to 12 months to file a claim. However, waiting until the last minute is... Click for more
How Does A Homeowners Insurance Deductible...
One of the most common questions we get asked by homeowners with hail damage is “what a homeowner’s insurance deductible is and how does it affect my claim?” Read on to find out! What Is a Homeowne... Click for more
Our Commitment To Serve More
As you may already know, we are passionate about serving our local community and this year we're putting our money where our mouth is by donating 1% of our monthly gross revenue this year to Serve More, a local nonp... Click for more
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