How Long After A Hail Storm Can You File A...
If your home was hit by hail and you still have not had a professional roof inspection, don’t worry. Most insurance companies allow you up to 12 months to file a claim. However, waiting until the last minute is neve... Click for more
How Does A Homeowners Insurance Deductible...
One of the most common questions we get asked by homeowners with hail damage is “what a homeowner’s insurance deductible is and how does it affect my claim?” Read on to find out! What Is a Homeowners Insurance ... Click for more
Our Commitment To Serve More
As you may already know, we are passionate about serving our local community and this year we’re putting our money where our mouth is by donating 1% of our monthly gross revenue this year to Serve...
Are You Prepared for Severe Weather?
Did you know that over 80% of tornadoes occur between the months of March and June each year? Almost half of them will occur in the month of May! Now is the time to make sure you and your family know what to do if a t... Click for more
We\'re Hiring!
Need a job? We’re hiring Field Representatives! Call for an interview and get a job on the spot! Schedule Your Interview: Call/text Nick at 405-657-8714 or Office: 405-...
Join Our Winning Team In 2018!
We want people that want to challenge themselves to be the best! Triple Diamond Construction was established in 2010. We are looking for high energy and competitive candidates to help us grow wit...
Have a Heart To Heart Talk With Your Insur...
It's time to have a heart-to-heart talk with your homeowners insurance agent. Knowing what is covered, what is not covered, and steps you can take to reduce premiums, are all important things when it comes to your ins... Click for more
Are You Ready to Serve More?
Here at Triple Diamond we are passionate about serving our community. If you are like us, you probably believe that serving people can change the world and that we can do more together than we ever could apart. That... Click for more
Join Us And Serve More In 2018!
At Triple Diamond Construction, we believe in serving our community and creating long lasting relationships. And those aren’t just fancy words used. We truly believe in giving back to both the people and communities... Click for more
Get A Roof Inspection Before Winter Arrives!
A post-summer roof inspection can reduce potential costly repairs and protect your home! Unfortunately for homeowners, roof problems don’t hibernate in the winter ...
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