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Get Your Roof Ready For Santa

While elves are busy making toys for good little girls and boys, your children might have some concerns about the logistics of Santa delivering their presents on Christmas Eve. After all, there are a lot of houses and children to visit in just a few hours, so the smoother the landing zone, the better! We thought wed help you put your childs mind at ease about your house being Santa-ready specifically about making sure your roof is ready to hold Santa, his sleigh, and his eight tiny reindeer.

Here are some helpful tips to prepare your roof for Santas big landing on December 24th:

DO fix any loose tiles or shingles before his arrival. Santa is not a scrawny man, and you dont want the reindeer slipping as they come in for their landing.

DO clean your gutters before Christmas Eve. You dont want reindeer munching on dead leaves and debris while they wait for Santa. Gutter leaves can give reindeer achy stomachs. This could delay Santa during his travels.

DO make sure your chimney is clean. The man is leaving gifts for your children, so you should show some respect. Plus, you dont need sooty boot prints all over your home and roof.

DO NOT leave excessive decorations on your roof. You want plenty of room for the reindeer and sleigh to land and take off safely, without damaging your festive decor.

DO NOT remove icicles that might be hanging from your roof without the help of a trained professional.

If you find there are problems with any of these areas, give us a call at (405) 895-9972 or use our online form! We have special tools and technology that can help pinpoint any insulation problems, water leaks, to get your roofin tip-top shape for Santas arrival!

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December 1, 2019
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