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Home Tips for Achieving Maximum Coziness This Winter

Is your home ready for winter? Sustained low temperatures, combined with cold winds and winter precipitation, can cause problems for the interior and exterior of your home. While colder weather may have you considering hibernating until spring, there are things you can do now to ensure your home is comfortable (and cozy!) this winter season. Here are a few tips:

Heating system breakdowns can be an uncomfortable and sometimes expensive issue when cold weather hits. Make sure your system is inspected and well maintained before you need to depend on it for warmth.

Air leaks, particularly around doors and windows, can cause drafts and heating system inefficiency, raising your energy costs. You can find some useful tips here for keeping your home energy efficient during the winter months.

Gathering around a cozy fireplace is one of winters pleasures, but chimney fires are a big winter safety hazard. Make sure your chimney has been cleaned and inspected before you light the first fire.

Roof leaks often occur during the winter due to missing or loose shingles, or because of poor design and maintenance. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or precipitation, check your roof for potential problems before winter begins and keep an eye on it for potential problems.

Clogged gutters can also cause leaks in the roof, trim, or walls of your home. Clean out your gutters each fall, especially if you have a lot of falling leaves.

Consider upgrading or adding more attic insulation to keep the heat inside your home!

Need roof or home exterior help?

Even a well-maintained home cant always avoid winter problems and inevitable system and appliance breakdowns. If you face a roofing problem this winter our dedicated staff of roofing professionals will be happy to help. Contact us online or by calling (405) 895-9972 today!

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December 4, 2018
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